Want to utilize your full data and AI potential.
Also beyond the hype.

Want to discover how AI can be of value for your organisation? Do you already know what AI solutions you need, but don't have the needed expertise? Looking for a data partner that thinks and works along with you? Let's talk!

How we help you with data and AI

From idea to valuable AI solution

Valuable AI solutions don't just come falling from the sky. And if they did, the question would be whether they would be understood, accepted and used. If not, this would be a complete waste of your investment of course.

That's why it is important to approach developing AI solutions the right way. With a customized approach. From start (an AI idea) to finish (an AI solution) and beyond (expansion and optimization).

According to us, you should do this as follows!

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Discover | Detect | Design | Develop

Take logical steps to AI success!


Discover your data and AI potential

What can you actually do with your data and AI?

Do you have the feeling that you are under-utilizing your data? That you are leaving heaps of knowledge unused? Do you feel like your competition is way more innovative than you are? Would you like to save time, energy, and effort by optimally utilizing your data and AI? But don't really know where to start? Or do you know too little about data and AI in the first place?

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Determine and design your AI approach

Go from AI idea to action plan

A cool AI idea is sometimes not more than that. But sometimes it is! This depends on a lot of factors: your data, your people, your infrastructure, your processes, the law... It would be a pity to invest in an AI product to later discover that it is not applicable in practice. That is why it is important to first determine what these conditions are. Only then you can start designing a valuable solution!

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AI Solutions

Develop valuable AI solutions

Together we make safe, transparent and explainable AI models

Convinced by the the plan? Our data scientists can't wait to get to work for and with you. Together with your team – from business to engineers and also data scientists – we develop the AI and ML models that you need. We do this in sprints, so we efficiently work on the solutions that create the most value with the least risk. From proof of concept to operational AI implementation. Always with an eye on safe and friendly use!

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What we did before

This is what you can achieve with AI & ML


AI and ML (Machine Learning) come in many forms. And even if you would limit yourself to one sector and one form, the solutions and results would still look different at different organizations. With AI and ML you will always need customization!

That doesn't mean that you can't let yourself be inspired by solutions and results of others. Knowledge and code are reusable and let us just have that!

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Literature research in 1/3 of the time

Discover your AI potential
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Labelling millions of dossiers automatically

with NLP
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Predicting demand

with historic data
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Who we work with

At home in multiple sectors

We don't only work with or for 1 specific sector. We prefer to work interdisciplinarily and with different types of organisations to:
  • stay sharp and keep challenging ourselves,
  • let you profit from best practices you might not have thought of before.

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Reducing pressure in


The pressure in the healthcare sector is incredibly high – and increasing – and is already causing waiting lines and drop-outs. With AI we can reduce this pressure. Not by automating care tasks, which dehumanises them, but by focussing on administration, so that people can continue focussing on people.

Optimizing processes in the


When thinking about industry and AI, people usually picture robots. But that is definitely not the only form in which AI can be found there. You can also leverage it to better understand (natural) processes or optimize these.

Understanding your clients in the

Financial and business services

Do you know your (potential) clients behavioural patterns? How you can best address them? What's the chance that they will buy a certain product? When you can expect a lot of demand? Your data and AI can be used to get more insight into these patterns!

Working magic with text as

Research, Media & Publishing

To this day a lot of knowledge is 'trapped' in huge amounts of 'free text'. That's a pity AND unnecessary, since with the current NLP techniques we can extract a lot of value from these texts!

So do you have or work with big amounts of (free) text? Want these to be easily findable and searchable? Are you losing a lot of time on summarizing and administration? Then you might just be able to use AI to lighten the load!

Value with data and AI in

All sectors

Just like I(C)T in general, data and as such machine learning and AI can be used in any sector. And that's what we like to help with! If you ánd we believe that you can create value with AI in your sector, let's go for it! Whether this is the cultural, public, legal or other sector.

About us

Together we make human centered AI solutions when we deem them valuable


An AI specialist against AI?

From data and AI specialists like us you would expect that we'd prefer to see AI implemented everywhere. "AI can solve everything!" But that is definitely not true.AI can really create a lot of value. But sometimes it's simply unnecessary and then we will not try to sell it to you. In fact: we will then advise against using AI.

Is that bad for the AI business? Nope. We make sure that you get solutions that make you happy, that really help you and that don't end up being unused. That makes us happy too.

We are in it for the long-haul

So we will always be honest about which roads to take when it comes to data and AI. We like to think along with you from start to finish: from the point that AI still feels unattainable to implementing and optimising multiple valuable solutions.

See us as your data and AI partner