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We aim to be very open about your data. We use cookies to see how you use our website and that's all.

What do we track?

We're not in the business of selling user data from anyone, to anyone, and we don't sell ads. We just want to know which pages visitors read on our site. :) Our website uses Google Analytics and HotJar for that, and they will store several cookies in your browser on our behalf to allow us to do so.

That is, unless you opt out below. If so, we disable HotJar and set up Google Analytics to forget everything about you once you leave our website. It's like you were never here.

Set your preferences

In accordance with EU laws, you can at any time change your mind about allowing us to place third-party cookies in your browser and track multiple visits to our site. If you don't want to help us improve our website, that's fine, just click Reject cookies. Or if you think the few analytical cookies we place are perfectly ok, click Allow cookies.

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