We are your data partner

We are Landscape: a small organisation with a big heart for data. Since 2014 we have been helping others as data partner to implement data and AI solutions into their organisation in a valuable way. From general idea to implemented solution.

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Our vision

People empowered by data and AI

We believe that data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence can be of real value to human beings. By supporting and not necessarily replacing them. By freeing up time and energy for humans to focus on that what they are really good at. By going for durability instead of a gimmick.

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Our values

Through honesty, a human focus and a broad mind

To implement data and AI in a valuable way, we find it very important to stay honest, know what you are doing technology wise and always keep the user in mind.

So you can trust us to do the following:

1We are honest about AI

AI is a hype. Of course, because it is capable of awesome things. But... this is not true for every organisation or situation. Sometimes AI is not the right solution. At Landscape we will stay honest with you. We will only implement AI if we truly believe in the value of a solution.

2We put people before AI

AI is a tool. And as with any other tool, you can use it in multiple ways. We feel a strong responsibility to implement AI in the right way. These are our three golden rules:

  • The decisions of an AI model should be explainable.
  • The impact of AI solutions on the organisation and users should be taken into account. The results must always meet the user's requirements.
  • We handle data safely. We use different methods like pseudonymization, anonymisation and federated learning to always comply to the GDPR.

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3We focus on more than algorithms

Implementing AI is never about the technology alone. Developing it is one, but if it is not used, it is not worth the investment. That is why it is important to keep in mind multiple preconditions, from human capital to governance. Through years of experience with a great scala of projects in multiple sectors, we know what to take into account and gladly help you with this. Besides that we value a close collaboration, since of everyone you know your business best!

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Our team

The people behind the AI

Not only should data and AI solutions focus on people, they are also made by people! These are ours!


We are Landscape

The Landscape team consists of a fun club of bright minds with diverse backgrounds and expertises in fields like computer science, business, mathematics, psychology, design and physics. What they all have in common is their love for data and the drive to share its potential.

We'd like to introduce you to everyone:

Erwin Haas

Erwin Haas

Founder & CEO

Loves Cheese
Like no other, Erwin excites people for data by clearly explaining how to apply it to real world problems. Being the mastermind behind Landscape, you can ask Erwin anything about Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Erwin has a strong technical background in Computer Science at Leiden University, with a minor in Business Management.
Eklavya Dahiya

Eklavya Dahiya

Data Engineer

Loves cycling
Eklavya brings his diverse experience in practising law, founding a legal tech startup, and web development to his role as a Data Engineer at Landscape. His passion lies in harnessing data and software engineering to solve complex problems across sectors like healthcare and e-commerce. He believes that good data engineering comes from good software engineering. He enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, gaming and cooking Indian food.
Fedde van der Lijn

Fedde van der Lijn

Product Owner

Loves NBA basketball
As product owner, Fedde has one foot in technology and the other in its application. His job is to make the first analysis of a problem and put Landscape's data science team in position. He got his doctorate in the automatic analysis of MRI scans at the Erasmus Medical Center, where he got infected with the data science bug. Besides that he worked as science communicator at the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) and as product manager at a business service provider. At Landscape this all comes together. Outside of work he enjoys doing Krav Maga and cooking and closely follows the American basketball competition.
Jacob Boon

Jacob Boon

Data Engineer

Loves programming
Jacob is data scientist, JS developer, graphical designer, finance guy... There's practically no field in Landscape of which Jacob has no in-depth knowledge of. Jacob has a background in Mathematics and a bit of Chemistry at Leiden University and has previously worked as graphic and interaction designer. He likes to fill his spare time with designing stuff on his Mac, arts & crafts, gaming, baking, and Dungeons & Dragons.
John Gunn

John Gunn

Data Scientist & Consultant

Loves when birds hop
John is data scientist & consultant at Landscape, with degrees in both Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering. He is a practically minded person who brings expertise from the civil and mechanical building industries, and biopharmaceutical industry to his role at Landscape, with a strong background in consulting & data analysis. Alongside his technical knowledge he is an excellent communicator of ideas, capable of making complex concepts understandable to anyone. Outside of work he has a passion for gym, non-fiction literature, and botany.
Roeland Oostdam

Roeland Oostdam

Data Scientist

Loves cooking
Roeland preferably eats data for breakfast and as a data scientist he has a passion for solving complex problems using data analysis and machine learning. With a background in application development and artificial intelligence he is able to translate data into valuable insights that clients can profit from. Roeland is determined to keep on learning and developing in his role as data scientist to get the best possible results for all stakeholders. In his free time he preferably visits the gym, squash court or bouldering hall.
Sem Kluiver

Sem Kluiver

NLP Intern

Loves Travelling
Sem is currently writing his thesis at Landscape to round off his Master in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence specialisation at the LIACS. With a broad interest in most forms in which AI comes nowadays, many projects and applications excite him. Especially if they have an audio/visual component. Those especially catch his eye. With his thesis he is focussing on Natural Language Programming (NLP) and outside of work he enjoys photography, arts & crafts and playing the piano.
Swier Heeres

Swier Heeres

Data Scientist

Loves Glaciers
Swier is Landscape's data cruncher a.k.a. mad scientist. Give him a large, preferably nicely structured, data set and he will not rest until the computer has successfully run his calculations. Swier has a background in Physics with an emphasis on Climate Science at Leiden and Utrecht University. He loves gaining new insights through clever analysis of data.
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Our origin

From general data support to AI & ML specialists

Landscape was founded in March 2014 by Erwin Haas and Lucas van der Meer, master students from Leiden University. Both had wanted to be entrepreneurs, and together they decided to embrace their shared passion, and use it to help others with data.

This is what the current Landscape still does, with a bigger focus on AI. Machine Learning and AI aren't new to us, but the interest in and demand for it is!


Our attitude

What can you expect from us when we do business together?

Thorough and curious

We deliver the best results when we know exactly what you need, so we strive to understand your business problems before we tackle them. We want to understand underlying processes before offering you solutions, and will frequently ask you 'Why?'.

Broad views and sustainable suggestions

We like to build long and meaningful relationships. So with every project we will always keep in mind your entire organisation, the market and future techniques. We want to help you develop sustainable solutions that are happily used.

Open and down to earth

We communicate honestly about what realistic expectations are, and what we can feasibly accomplish. We want you to understand how we create value for you: we show you how our models work and how they use your data. We invite you to be involved, and keep you updated on a regular basis.

Honesty and independence

We are in the business of demystifying hypes, not selling them. We believe solutions should be explainable and clear, but most of all realistic. We won't always say what you want to hear, but we'll be upfront and tell you the truth. To your advantage.

Relaxed and personal

We place great value in pleasant communication and a relaxed working environment where everyone is treated as an equal. This gives us the opportunity to build creative solutions and discuss things openly. :)

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